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  1. Klaus


    10 Şubat 2013

    Water pollution is increasingly becoming a huge problem that we need to confront. As we all know, water is an essential necessity of humanity and wildlife. If water becomes contaminated, we will suffer from lack of water. Water is more valuable than money; people can survive without money, but not without water. What if there is no water left to buy? What causes water pollution? Water pollution can occur due to chemical leaks, nuclear power plants, and trash from genetic industry, biological hazardous waste and so on. There are certain effects of water pollution which we should take into consideration. The effects of water pollution include visual pollution, negative impacts on national economies and on natural balance. Different types of waste material thrown into seas cause visual pollution. Also, some countries spend huge amounts of money to clean dirty water. Water pollution makes all creatures sick. According to Environment Point Group, the fact is that approximately 14,000 people die every day because of waterborne diseases (1). Many people believe that water pollution is a necessary effect of economic development, but I will show that water pollution has a negative effect on the world including visual pollution, negative impacts on national economies and the balance of nature.

    Visual pollution is one of the most important effects of water pollution. We do pollute the water, but we also let tourists leave because of dirty and stinking seas or lakes. How does water pollution make seas and rivers look dirty? Nobody wants to see polluted water. Tourists don’t like dirty places; instead, they want to visit beautiful, intact places. People care about beauty. This is why, if we pollute water, the whole country can be affected. People pollute water when they eat by the sea and throw rubbish into the seas. There are people who travel by ships. People, who work in ships, throw toilet waste into the sea. They should use toilet waste retention system in order to keep seas clean. Charles Moore, a journalist, has estimated the mass of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch at 100 million tons (6). 20% of the garbage comes from ships. Also; water was not polluted as much as now. According to P. K. Goel “In the past times the people were living near the bank of rivers disposing their wastes into them. The amounts of wastes were so limited that the rivers hardly showed any symptoms of pollution due to their self-purification capabilities” (Water pollution - Causes, Effects & Control, 2). This shows how population density affects water. Today, especially in developed countries, polluted water is seen often because of factory wastes.
    Nobody can handpick dirt on water. In order to clean polluted water people have to have equipment, which is expensive. Here, the government should step in to fix it. The best example is Seto Inland Sea in Japan. Seto Inland used to have a serious level of pollution. Dr. Teruo Higa, the author of the book titled “The Proven Effects of EM Technology”, states that Japanese people were lucky thanks to his discovery called Effective Microorganisms. In other words, polluted sea was cleaned by his invention.

    Think about how life would be if water did not exist. We cook and we work with water. In short, we need water to survive. Lloyd Axworthy indicates the following “Water has become a highly precious resource. There are some places where a barrel of water costs more than a barrel of oil” (News Conference, 1999). This means, we are dependent on water to survive and that water is extremely valuable. Although we need water badly, we still pollute it. We obtain food from aquatic life. The best example of an animal is fish. We consume fish. Fish cannot live in polluted water. If we make water dirty, we poison ourselves. In his book Water Pollution, Yael Calhoun states that “Each year, contaminated tap water makes as many as 7 million Americans sick”(5). Besides, because of polluted water, animal species may be in danger of extinction. Owing to dirty water, animals may have birth defect issues. According to United States Environmental Protection Agency, dirtiness in water may poison animals and it affects also food chain. Microbial pollutants from wastewater, heavy metals and industrial waste toxins can lead to “blue-baby” syndrome, terminal illnesses and so on (Water On Tap, 5)

    Today, the quality of water we drink does not augur well for our future health and well-being. People overlook this issue and nobody thinks about immeasurable consequences which water pollution may have on our planet. A Variety of environmental problems now affects our entire world. Actually, water cannot contaminate itself, what we have now is consequences of what we did before. Water is a necessity of life and it needs to be conserved and protected. People should be aware of danger and should take responsibility. We should find alternatives for common products such as detergents, cleaners, and toiletries. People shouldn’t throw litter into any water body! Always clean up litter when we have the chance to do so safely. I strongly believe that it is not too late. We can still preserve our nature, but if we do not, we might see the end of the world with our own eyes.

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